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Clostermann design Limited creates bespoke and innovative location based entertainment, attractions and media art.  The unique combination of unique artistic skills and business insight makes attractions by Clostermann design not only fascinating and entertaining for the visitors, but also profitable and reliable for the investor.  As diverse as our projects are, they are always united by the core values:

Tell good stories, touch people´s hearts and use the best innovative technology as a tool.


Location based entertainment concept development  for property investors, operators. Unique ideas that will bring in visitors, raise visibility and create sustainable profit.


Visitor attractions are unique and tricky. We assist in creating the right business plan, work with realistic cost and visitor projections and secure the investment.


From the grand  idea to the finished tender documents. Striking and memorable  visuals, combined with expertise in visitor flow management and  content packaging .


Innovative entertainment often works with media to tell stories and  create memorable effects. Therefore producing media content such as VR-cinematics and bespoke movies  is a key deliverable in our services.


With a large network and more than 28 years of experience we can offer the full service, turnkey fabrication of your attraction project.


Want to decide on strategy? On revamping or upgrading an existing attraction? Unsure which way to go? We can help and guide you through the all important  planning to ensure success.



The Artist

Matthias Clostermann is founder and head of several companies in the areas of robotics and digital content creation including E.A.S. Entertainment Arts Services, CLOSTERMANN design, Seewindow and his latest enterprise Living with Robots, which is currently developing humanoid robots on behalf of technology giant Honda.


His creative spirit and tech-savvy led to an extremely early career start at age 14 when he worked as special effects artist for German television productions. The self-taught prodigy followed his passion for the entertainment industry and realized numerous projects, while he was still attending school. Ever since, his work has been driven by the desire to design not simply entertainment, but wholistic experiences. His themed installations combine digital storytelling with physical sceneries and animatronics. The latter also inspired the founding of Living with Robots Ltd., which ties in with his earlier animatronics R&D.


He is the brain behind more than 100 installations that attract visitors around the globe. They can be marveled at in Universal Studios, Legoland, Everland Park Seoul or the interactive De Koninck Village experience at the Antwerp city brewery to name just a few.


The integrated concept, however, does not only find application at leisure venues. It also opens up unique opportunities in the areas of education and marketing. Installations such as at Historium Brugge and Museum Koenig in Germany  demonstrate how powerful the storytelling approach is for educational purposes forging a completely new emotional engagement with environmental or cultural issues. In POS and interior design, digital environments even overcome the limitations of time and space. Seamlessly embedded installations such as at St. Gallen Casino have disruptive effect on customer experience and dwelling time.


His versatile experience and creative genius make Matthias Clostermann a much sought-after speaker on such topics as digital environment and entertainment robotics.



Matthias Clostermann

Founder & CEO

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein


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