DE KONINCK was once known as “the Antwerp beer” – a brand older than the country of Italy, in fact one of Europe´s oldest still existing beers. But the brewery had lost its appeal of the decades. The new owner, Duvel BV, was at the brink of tearing the old buildings down to make room for modern appartement blocks –until a creative idea convinced them that this was a place not only worth keeping, but investing in and expanding. Today De Koninck Brewery is a great success, both as a touristic highlight in Antwerp, as well as a successful and innovative craft-brewery.


It all started with a small creative concept, a study of how an old brewery could become an attraction that would benefit both the brand, the city and the visitors. And it quickly expanded into a 15 million Euro and 2,5 years in the making project that changed the appearance of a whole city quarter, revitalized the almost forgotten brand to new success and is now considered one of the most successful tourist attraction projects in Belgium.