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In a world saturated with sensory overload, we champion depth and authenticity.
With 30 years of expertise, our crafted tales dive deep into emotion, transcending mere attractions.
Using technology as our canvas, we design experiences that resonate and linger.
Dive with us into a realm where passion meets mastery!










Visitor attractions are unique and complex. We can help and guide you through the all the steps to ensure your success. We assist in creating the right business plan, work with realistic cost and visitor projectios and secure the investment.


From the grand idea to the finished tender documents. Striking and memorable visuals, combined with expertise in visitor flow management and content packaging. Our design combines visual storytelling and liberated imagination with technical prowess


Innovative entertainment often works with media to tell stories and create memorable effects. Therefore producing media content such as VR-cinematics and bespoke movies is a key deliverable in our services. Clostermann design has a track record of producing both sucessful and cost effective media content for attractions.


Location based entertainment concept development for property investors, operators. Unique ideas that will bring in visitors, raise visibility and create sustainable profit. This first step often goes paralel with business forecast and ensures you have a good foundation to stand on.


Helping to implement the design while ensuring schedules, budgets and artistic qualities are perfectly met. Transparent and cost effective, and driven for the best results we ensure that our design is implemented in the most efifcient manner for our clients. This includes procurement, site organisation, art direction and quality management.


With an extensive network and more than 28 years of experience we can offer the full service-turnkey fabrication of your attraction project. Our resouces extend through a team of highly skilled network partners that we can effectively put to work in the area their skills are best suited.

Where Vision Meets Execution

Clostermann Design proves that success doesn't always mean being big. We focus on expertise, not just size. Our streamlined setup is intentional, showing our dedication to delivering precise and authentic projects.

Matthias Clostermann, our founder and lead artist, has devoted over three decades to mastering the nuances of location-based entertainment design. His artistic vision forms the backbone of our endeavors, ensuring that each project resonates with depth and originality.

At the helm of our commercial operations is Leon Mellado. With his keen understanding of management and business development, Leon bridges the gap between artistic ambition and tangible realization. His expertise guarantees that every artistic vision is matched by strategic execution. While Matthias and Leon form the nucleus of our team, our work is brought to life by a curated network of specialists. Their technical acumen ensures that even the most intricate of artistic concepts are translated into tangible experiences.

Choosing Clostermann Design is more than a decision—it's a commitment to partnering with a team whose core tenets are expertise, precision, and unwavering dedication to the art and business of entertainment.

Meet the leaders

Matthias Clostermann

Leon Mellado


Unparalleled Artistic Quality

While the essence of art is subjective, our credentials are undeniable. Boasting 30 years of rich experience, our foundation in theming and animatronics fabrication elevates our designs. We don't just imagine; we understand the intricacies of bringing visions to life. Our dual expertise ensures our designs are not only visually captivating but also grounded in practicality. We promise designs that are feasible, budget-friendly, and timely, ensuring your vision materializes seamlessly.

Immersive 3D Design: Experience It Before It Is Built

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Our designs aren't mere illustrations; they're tangible experiences. Clients can don VR goggles and step into their envisioned attraction, feeling every nuance and detail. This immersive approach extends to collaboration as well. Our design formats are easily shared with architects, engineers, and fabricators, streamlining the realization process, and guaranteeing a cohesive and efficient execution. Join us in redefining the boundaries of immersive design, where every project is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and unparalleled expertise.


Meets Innovation

At the core of our expertise lies a passion for crafting immersive experiences through movies, cinematic VR, and digital environments.
As seasoned storytellers, we specialize in creating narratives and heart-touching stories across various mediums and sizes.
Embracing technology as a tool for enhancement, our focus remains steadfast on the timeless power of a compelling story.
At Clostermann Design, we believe that narratives never get outdated—they evolve, captivate, and leave a lasting impact.
Integral to our approach is the seamless integration of media into the attractions and venues we design. Whether it's producing media for 4D cinemas, media-based rides, museums, or beyond, we take pride in delivering a holistic experience.


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Matthias Clostermann

Matthias Clostermann, born in 1973, has been working professionally in the film and entertainment industry since the age of 14. Over his more than thirty-year career as a designer, art director, and technology innovator, he has designed and built dream worlds for audiences in countless projects around the globe. His work spans theme parks, museums, exhibitions, and films. Drawing from the core of his work, which intertwines story, art, and technology, he constantly generates new ideas for captivating experiences, films, and novels.
Contact Matthias:


Leon Mellado, born in 1972, joined Clostermann Design as the commercial director in 2023 after a notable tenure as the Chief Transformation Officer at Applebee Consulting. Dedicated to SMEs, he's well-versed in management and communication technologies. Before AppleBee, he enhanced ARCI Group's market presence and managed multi-continent logistics. An Auburn University Industrial Engineering graduate, he also holds a Masters in Development and Environment. Across his career, Leon transitioned from foundational roles to executive ones, emphasizing technology. His projects ranged from factory assessments to key UNDP environmental initiatives.
Contact Leon: