The Legoland Discovery Center in Berlin set the standard as the prototype for all subsequent discovery centers. Lego and Merlin Entertainments commissioned Clostermann Design to craft the theming for this innovative brand attraction.


The concept behind the discovery centers has now been implemented globally and stands as one of Merlin's most distinguished midway attractions. While it has undergone significant evolution since its early days, the essence of the original Berlin prototype remains. It offers both a deep dive into the brand and a mini theme park experience for its family visitors.


While Lego provided the overarching concept and guidelines, Clostermann Design engaged in a close design-and-build collaboration with the brand. Their aim was to craft an interactive, tangible, and enjoyable experience suitable and safe for all ages. Special attention was given to integrating the occasionally large and delicate original Lego artworks into the environment, ensuring a cohesive and seamless experience for visitors.