In 2007, a TV documentary from Florida forever changed MatthiasClostermann's perspective. It showcased beekeepers in an urgent quest, relocating their hives amidst a massive bee-dying phenomenon. With farmers unable to pollinate their crops, the magnitude of bees' role in our ecosystem became evident. Recognizing that our very survival hinges on these tiny pollinators, Matthias saw an opportunity. Believing that people cherish and protect what they love, and that love stems from understanding, he envisioned an exhibition.
"Bee Super Organism" was born not from a place of fear or pointing fingers at environmental calamities but from a place of admiration. The exhibition aims to pull back the curtain, revealing the magnificent world of bees. It celebrates their incredible abilities, their intricacies, and their irreplaceable contribution to nature. Through this, Matthias hopes to instill a sense of wonder, encouraging everyone to knowmore, love more, and, ultimately, do more for these hidden champions of our ecosystem.


Clostermann Design crafted "Bee Super Organism" completely in-house, seamlessly integrating large-scale models, interactive exhibits, and media content. With meticulous research and educative graphics, the exhibit was designed for easy travel and setup, making its awe-inspiring message accessible from museums to malls.